Why Choose Live Oak Construction Group, LLC?

from start to finish

Live Oak Group builds unique, one-of-a-kind homes that are designed by us utilizing our Design-Build service or by other architects or designers. Live Oak carefully selects and oversees the work of all subcontractors with an obsession to detail in order ensure a successful collaboration between clients, architects and the builder. Most of our clients have been referred to us from architects or former clients due to a high level of satisfaction they have experienced with projects constructed by Live Oak.

We understand that your home is your most valued and prized possession. When you hire Live Oak Group as your general contractor for your construction project, you will get a step-by-step outline as well as a detailed cost analysis. This allows you to make informed decisions about what you want while staying within your budget.

Architectural Services

If you desire, we can work with you through the entire project starting from the design process. We can utilize respected architects from our local region or by using our in-house Design-Build. Based on design elements, cost, and the time to complete the project, we determine the most appropriate design approach to make your home remodel perfect from start to finish.

Preliminary Construction Cost Analysis

Each construction project is designed to fit within your budget. We work closely with you and the designer to establish accurate cost parameters so you’re never surprised by additional costs.

Comprehensive Bidding

As a respected general contractor and remodeler, we bid every line item according to the drawings provided down to the last detail.You will get one of the most comprehensive, no-nonsense proposals in the industry.


Every home remodel is overseen by the company owner and in some cases a Project Manager as well. No matter the scale of your home remodel, bathroom remodel, kitchen remodel or new construction project, you can expect a functional and beautiful living space for you and your family to call home.

Step one

When Live Oak receives the plans from the architects or designers, we schedule a meeting with the potential client to introduce ourselves to them as well as listen to what the client wants for their home. This gives us the opportunity to learn more about the clients’ vision and needs.

Step two

Soon after, Live Oak gets various sub-contractors to come by the home to look at the upcoming project so that the sub-contractors have a better knowledge of the home and of the client’s needs. We begin the estimating process which includes sending out plans to a variety of sub-contractors in order to get the highest quality for the most competitive price. Live Oak also includes the price of materials for the client and includes a variety of options for the client to choose from based on their needs and wants. In our proposal, we include allowances for items including, but not limited to appliances, tile and plumbing fixtures. We provide the homeowner with an estimate template that details each aspect of a renovation. Since each project is different, Live Oak prides itself on its attention to detail regarding estimates.

Step three

Once the proposal is complete, we schedule a meeting with the homeowner to review the bid and answer any questions the client may have. This gives the client and Live Oak a chance to see if any changes are necessary. We provide clients a bid letter as well as a detailed estimate, references, a sample contract and warranty for review.

Step four

Following client acceptance of the bid, a contract will be drafted and signed. From that point, Live Oak provides a project schedule, a list of vendors, a selection list with allotted allowances and a budget for the client to refer to throughout the project. Live Oak obtains the project permits, variance and engineering needs.

Step five

Live Oak develops a reliable price in the estimate that is reviewed by the client before the contract is signed. The contract will specify the scope of the work based on the final set of architect’s plans. The contract will include a payment schedule and will need to be signed prior to the project start date. Throughout the project, clients work directly with Live Oak’s owner in order to ensure each project is treated with the highest priority.